all of us were saddened by the shocking tragedy happened in China province. it is really a heart-weakening disaster. i couldn’t imagine myself in the shoe of the victims. but what if..?! how traumatic that could be?! i just realize how LUCKY i am.. thank God!

by the way, surfing the net, i found this appeal from Bro. Joseph of Sichuan province requesting the people for prayer to all the victims of the sad tragedy in China, the 7.8 M earthquake that cause thousands of death..


“This message may come late on the third day of the earthquake, as our hearts are troubled by the grave disaster in Sichuan (the earthquake center is just 60 miles from the capital city Chengdu). Could you please forward this appeal for prayer for Sichuan’s earthquake victims to our communities through your network. May God bless those victims , those who are suffering and longing for life, and reunion with their loves ones. This is a sorrowful and mournful moment. Let’s pray for them.”


people, i also ask personally for your sincere prayers.. we know through media that many lives of people were lose.. and also, many are fortunate for not being a casualty of the disaster happened.. for us, fortunate, let us extend our prayers for the unfortunate.. hand in hand, even though we’re far from them and we don’t know them personally, we can restore the strength of the victims who atleast are alive and also we pray for those who departed.. prayers have the healing power so let’s include them in our prayers.. simple prayers may mean a lot to them.. Thanks and God Bless all of you!
images from chinadaily